Understanding the X and Y Chromosomes in Conceiving a Boy

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If your clock is ticking, and you truly decided to try for another baby or this is your prime time here are some hints that you could try. If your dream is to have a baby boy, then welcome to the club of many eager mothers with the same desires as yours. A useful advice is never to give up on your dreams and never surrender to the circumstances because miracles can surely happen.

Still I have to advise you that there are some skeptics. These people claim that these methods that you are about to find out and that have been like the guiding book for mothers who intend to have baby boy don’t actually work. So camps are divided between believers and unbelievers of these so called wife tales. Download “Having a Baby Boy” PDF Guide

Chinese tradition calendar

Between classic and modern this guide of unwritten laws has its fun ups and downs. Let’s take you back to ancient China where a so-called mystical calendar is written, and it has been told to do some very good work in that compartment of conceiving babies.

The well-known calendar that predicts the gender has its role. According to this ancient calendar, the baby’s gender is determined by the mother’s age and also by the month in which the baby is born. By using the lunar calendar of the Chinese tradition will help you find the month that is meant to help you have a baby boy.

Food and Drinks

Another tip is to be very interested in the foods and drinks that you serve that will boost the chances of having a baby boy. Your menu should consist of plenty of salty foods, mushrooms, zucchini, red meat, bread and even fish and other foods that will create inside of your body a more alkaline environment.

With an alkaline environment, your body will prepare the place for the baby boy sperm to flourish. The glucose in your body should be maintained at a higher level. To achieve a higher level of glucose you can take into account nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and don’t forget about the important vitamins that your body should hold such as B12, E and C.

X and Y Chromosome

Another tip to go by involves certain sexual positions that are meant to give you the opportunity for conceiving a baby boy. Before finding out which position should the couple take, let’s have a look at a short anatomy lesson. I can tell by now that the male is the one who determines the sex of the baby.

The mother will always be the one who gives an X chromosome in the egg while the father will give an X or a Y chromosome. If the combination in the egg of the two chromosomes will be XX, then the baby will turn out to be a girl while if the combination is XY then the baby will be a boy.

Now returning to our earlier talk the body of a woman is very important in this process, and I don’t refer only to the fact that see is the carrier of the baby. A woman vagina near the entrance has an acidic base. Some facts add that the male sperm doesn’t act well in the acidic environments. The good message is that with a deeper penetration the sperm has increased chances, and it reaches a lot closer to the egg.

The distance is then reduced, and the sperm doesn’t have to travel that long through an acidic vagina. The explanation is that Y male sperm chromosome is a lot faster swimmer than the X male sperm chromosome this assuming a good head start.

The position for this one is the doggy style so the couples that truly want to have a baby boy this is the best option. Other medical opinions that are brought into discussion claim that the Y male sperm is a faster swimmer than the X girl sperm. Still the girl sperm lives longer in the reproductive tract then those who are boy sperm. There is still good news to delay the girl sperm. How? This might be the next question that arouses in your head. The answer is simple you should abstain yourself from having sex a couple of days before your ovulation. Try to have the intercourse very close to your ovulation period.

For a precise ovulation, you can do some ovulation tests that will show you when it’s your time. The chances will increase and the boy sperm that will have a better chance of beating out the girl sperm to the egg. The boy sperm will not have to wait that much for the egg to appear. Improve at 94% the Chances to Conceive a Boy

Another short anatomy lesson that will help you a lot is to understand the man anatomy. There is a clear and precise way why sperm is stored outside. The fact is that they cannot tolerate an excessive amount of heat. The structure of the testicles is designed in such a way that will keep them unharmed from the inside body temperature.

People claim that the Y male sperm chromosomes are less tolerant to excessive heat than the X sperm chromosome. For this advice your partner to wear boxers instead of briefs because this will keep his boys in a more relaxed environment with plenty of space.

Another method to try is to advise your man to drink a cup of coffee but caffeinated not decaf. It would be advisable to be before the intercourse itself. This it claims to give your partner some boost for the job to be done.

If you genuinely want a boy make sure not to plan every little detail from your intercourse night or it could happen in every moment of the day. All should be spontaneous and with less romanticism involved just take it as it comes.

Don’t be discouraged by those things you’ve tried and didn’t work so far, with patience and a good synchronization you’ll do it.

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