Tips on Conceiving a Boy Using Natural and Artificial Methods

There are hundreds of tips on conceiving a boy telling you what you should eat, sexual positions you should use, what time of the day, etc that will help you conceive a boy.  Just remember that what works for one person may not work with you.  One thing that everyone should know before putting these tips to use is when they ovulate.  This means when an egg is released and is ready to be fertilized.  This is very important to know especially when you are trying to conceive a boy.  The Y chromosome boy sperm is delicate and you need to make sure that you and your partner are having sexual intercourse on that day if at all possible.  There is a window which is no later than twelve hours after you ovulate or no earlier than twenty-four hours before you ovulate.

When you are trying to figure out your ovulation date you should keep a chart for at least three months so you will have an idea of when you will ovulate.  To make it easier you can purchase ovulation prediction kits that test your urine or saliva.  The kits that use your saliva to help you figure out your ovulation date are the ones that are more accurate and easier to use.  With the one that test your urine it has to be used with the first urine of the day but the saliva kit you can test your salvia at any time during the day.  Once you have figured out what your ovulation date is it is now time to put into action some of the tips on conceiving a boy that you have been collecting but before you do remember that these tips do not guarantee you will have a boy but will help tip the scales in your favorite for conceiving a baby boy. Visit this LINK to Learn How

Tips on conceiving a boy eating certain foods

  • Eat more red meat.  The redder it is the better chance you have of conceiving a boy because it is rich in nutrients that will help with fertility.  Red meat will also help increase sperm production.  It is also rich in proteins which will help boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy.  Although it can help enhance your chances of conceiving a boy you need to eat it in moderation.  If you eat a large amount of red meat it could tip the scales toward having a girl instead by enhancing the acidity of her vaginal environment and reproductive tract.  When eating red meat, the salty red meat is better because it will increase your odds of having a boy.  You should add red meat to the menu around your ovulation date because it increases your chance of conceiving a baby boy.  You should also increase your intake of foods that are rich in protein.
  • Stick with salty snacks like chips and pretzels
  • The father should stock up on cola drinks
  • Add gelatin to your diet—although this may sound a little strange gelatin does help you conceive a boy.  The reason is that it provides your body with a large amount of amino acids. It improves the absorption of nutrients which will give you an internal environment that is well nourished, which is the type of environment the Y chromosome boy sperm needs.  So eat gelatin to enhance your chances of having a baby boy.
  • Eat purple fruits and vegetables—fruits and vegetables that are purple or blue in color are rich in nutrients that make them alkaline.  Being so delicate the Y chromosome boy sperm needs an alkaline vaginal environment to survive and make it to the egg.  You can eat purple cabbage, blueberries, purple cauliflower, or purple onions.  These are also rich in other minerals and vitamins but low in calories so you can eat as many of these that you want.  The best way to eat these foods is raw because when you cook them you destroy a lot of the nutrients.  You can also add them to homemade salads or make juices or smoothies.
  • Use natural oils—you want to use oils that are obtained from flax, olives, and canola because they are rich in chemicals that will turn your vaginal environment alkaline, making it easier for the Y chromosome boy sperm to survive and reach the egg so the sperm can fertilize it.
  • Eat dried fruits—fresh fruit will often increase the acidity of your bodily fluids which is not favorable to the Y chromosome boy sperm.  When you eat dried fruits it has the opposite effect and makes the vaginal environment alkaline.  Dried fruits also have a lot of important vitamins and minerals that will help to support fertilization.

Tips on conceiving a boy using the right positions and what to do after sexual intercourse

  • Have sexual intercourse standing up because it allows the man to have more control and deeper penetration.  The X chromosome girl sperm swims slower than the Y chromosome boy sperm because it is heavier.  When it is time to fertilize the egg after swimming against gravity this position gives you a better chance of conceiving a boy.
  • Try the rear entry position as it allows for deeper penetration and a shorter way for the Y chromosome boy sperm to reach the egg faster.
  • Keep the pelvis elevated—it does not matter what position you use the woman should keep her pelvis elevated so the Y chromosome boy sperm can swim faster and easier toward the egg.  You can lie on your abdomen or back but keep your hips elevated slightly for twenty to thirty minutes.  Doing this will increase your chances of conceiving a boy because when you are in this position it makes it more difficult for the X chromosome girl sperm to travel against gravity.

Conceiving a boy tips by having sexual intercourse at certain times and how often

  • When there is a quarter moon in the sky is when you should have sexual intercourse
  • Have sexual intercourse at night
  • Have frequent sex—it is thought that if you have frequent sex, especially on the day you ovulate, the Y chromosome boy sperm has more of a chance of reaching the egg first.  The Y chromosome boy sperm have smaller heads and shorter tails so they can swim faster through the cervical mucus that may not be hospitable to the male sperm.  When you have more sex it puts more Y chromosome boy sperm in your vaginal area and hopefully some of them will reach the egg before the X chromosome girl sperm.

Conceiving a boy advice using old wives tales

  • Have sexual intercourse on odd days as more boys are conceived on odd days.
  • Follow a compass to make sure that the woman’s head is pointing north while having sexual intercourse.
  • Lie down for a while after having sexual intercourse because this can give the Y chromosome boy sperm a chance to beat the X chromosome girl to the egg.  .
  • The man should climax first to conceive a baby boy.
  • The husband must wear socks during sexual intercourse
  • Let the man seduce you and you will conceive a baby boy
  • Women should sleep to the left of their spouse

Tips on conceiving a boy

  • Stop smoking—the main person who should give up smoking is the man because the chemicals in cigarettes can affect the motility of their sperm along with their sperm count.  Smoking will kill the Y chromosome boy sperm quicker than it does the X chromosome girl sperm because it is more delicate.  To enhance her chance of having a boy the man should stop smoking and try to limit exposure to the chemicals in second hand smoke.  In reality both should stop smoking to have a healthier reproductive tract.
  • Test you pH level—it is a known fact that for a Y chromosome boy sperm to survive in the vaginal environment and make it to the cervix it needs to have an alkaline environment.  The best way to check your pH level is to get a pH testing kit.  You should check the pH level before you start a diet to turn your vaginal environment into an alkaline environment.  You can also check it before you have sexual intercourse to make sure that vaginal environment is still alkaline and Y chromosome boy sperm friendly.
  • Start an alkaline diet—this is the type of diet that is very favorable to conceiving a boy.  If your vaginal environment and cervix is too acidic the Y chromosome boy sperm will survive only twenty-four hours in that type of environment after reaching the reproductive tract.   Include in this type of diet leafy green vegetables, carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and squash.  You should also include red meat and legumes.  Going on this diet will enhance your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Tips on conceiving a boy using artificial methods

  • MicroSort—with this artificial method sperm is collected from the male and separated into Y chromosome boy sperm and X chromosome girl sperm.  The boy sperm is then transferred through artificial insemination into the womb of the female.  The way the sperm is separated is by using a technique called flow cytometry.    There is a seventy-six percent chance of conceiving a boy with this method.
  • Ericssson method—with this method they will separate the sperm into Y chromosome boy sperm and X chromosome girl sperm.  To separate the sperm a sample of the male’s sperm is poured in a test tube that has a gooey layer of fluid in it.  Since the male sperm is faster than the female sperm the male will reach the bottom first.  The Y chromosome boy sperm is transferred using artificial insemination into the woman’s womb.
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