How to Conceive a Girl With These Methods?

Because of research and modern technology a couple no longer has to “accept” what God sends them when the woman becomes pregnant.  Today there are different methods that can help you have the gender you want, whether it is a boy or a girl.  There are some who are against these methods and feel that when you use them to get the gender you want that you are playing God.  What these people do not think of is that in times past there were people who used what we call “old wives tales” today to try and have a child of a certain gender, mainly little boys because they were important to carry on the family name and they could help out on the farm.  Today that is no longer true and it is about even as to which gender a family wants.  If you are a couple who wants to have a little girl you can try these methods to increase your chances of getting what you desire.

How to conceive a girl using preconception gender selection

Some of these are also referred to as artificial methods because they usually involve removing the sperm, separating it, and then planting the X chromosome girl sperm into the womb of the woman.  With these methods if it does not take the first time you will have to undergo the procedure again, which can be expensive as you have to pay for each procedure.  These preconception gender selection methods are broke down into three groups. Source:

How to get pregnant with a girl using medical gender selection

These techniques are the most effective ones to help you conceive a girl but they are also the most expensive techniques which could run into thousands of dollars, depending on how many times you had to have these procedures done before you become pregnant.  There is no guarantee that you will get pregnant with the first procedure. Using medical preconception techniques you are having your children created in a laboratory and then being implanted into the mother’s womb.

  • The Gradient Method—with this method they sort the sperm by using a centrifuge to spin the sperm at a high speed sorting the lighter X chromosome girl sperm from the more heavier Y chromosome boy sperm.  They will take the sperm of the gender you have decided upon and via intrauterine insemination the sperm will be transferred to the woman’s womb.  For having a little girl the success rate is fifty to ninety percent.  This method is relatively inexpensive and costs six hundred to one thousand six hundred dollars for each procedure.
  • MicroSort—this method is also called Flow Cytometry.  It is a sperm sorting procedure to but the separation procedure is different than The Gradient Method.  This sorting procedure involves using a fluorescent dye to bind with the DNA material that the sperm carries. The X chromosome girl sperm contains more DNA than the Y chromosome boy sperm so it will absorb more dye.  The sperm is then sorted and the desired sperm is put into the woman’s womb by in vitro fertilization and/or intrauterine insemination.  This method of gender selection is still in the trial stages and the technology that is used does not completely exclude in the enriched sample either X chromosome girl sperm or Y chromosome boy sperm.  If you want to use this method there is a certain criteria that the couple must meet before they can apply to have this method done.  At this time for a cycle it costs approximately four thousand dollars but there are also other costs that could add up to an additional ten thousand dollars or more for the procedure.
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)—this is another complex gender selection conception procedure.  With this procedure not only is the sperm taken from the man but also the ovum from the woman, allowing fertilization to be completed in vitro.  After being allowed to grow for a couple of days they will take a cell from each of the embryos.  It is then analyzed for DNA to tell them the gender of the cells that were removed.  They will take the fertilized ovum of the gender you want and using artificial insemination they will be implanted in the woman’s womb.  This method is highly effective when compared to the MicroSort and Gradient Method success rates.  This procedure has a ninety-nine percent success rate.  To have this procedure done testing will cost between two thousand to four thousand dollars plus the costs of the IVF procedures.

How to have a girl using private clinic gender selection

  • Shettles method—this method was developed by Dr. Landrum Shettles and is a simple method that you do at home.  The theory behind this method is based on the Y chromosome boy sperm and the X chromosome girl sperm having characteristics that are different.  The X chromosome girl sperm are slower, larger, and more robust.  The Y chromosome boy sperm is faster, shorter, and more delicate.  Taking this information Dr. Shettles advises how to time the intercourse so that you can conceive a girl.  This is the best known gender selection method in the world.  This method has a success rate between seventy-five and ninety percent.  This method is basically free but Dr. Shettles has written a book entitled “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby” that you can purchase.
  • Ericsson—in order to use this method the father must give them a semen sample at a licensed Ericsson clinic.  Timing is critical when giving a semen sample.  The semen must be taken on the day of ovulation.  They take the sample and then it is processed for preconception gender selection.  They do this by forcing the sperm to swim through a sticky protein liquid called albumin.  After approximately four hours the faster Y chromosome boy sperm will out swim the X chromosome girl sperm.  They will take the sperm of the desired gender and then the mother is artificially inseminated.  The cost for this method will be between six hundred and one thousand two hundred dollars each time you use this method.

How to have a girl using a Natural Gender Selection

  • How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby—this is a program that was created by Rebecca Washburn.  She took apart literally every preconception gender selection formula that was available.  She then combined the most proven elements along with the very best elements of each system.  She claims that the information that she used is based on science and if was not related to science she threw it out.  As a result she created a baby gender selection technique that was natural, effective, and reliable.  She simplified it by doing a basic three step formula.  She claims that by using the correct method, proper preparation plus correct time will give a success rate of almost ninety-five percent.  The cost of this gender selection program cost forty-seven dollars ,
  • How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby—over eleven thousand couples have use this program developed by Ashely Spencer.  It is similar to the Rebecca Washburn preconception gender selection program but there are some differences.  With Ashely Spencer’s program she concentrated more on the pH level of the vaginal environment, timing, specific sexual intercourse positions, and minor adjustments in their diet.   When she first started the program she conducted personal consultations in a one on one setting.  With so many people wanting to do her program she wrote a book to meet the demand.  Her success rate is almost ninety-five percent.  The cost of her program is forty-seven dollars.

How to have a girl with other preconception gender selection techniques

  • At-home kits—these kits can be purchased online and are not very expensive.  In these kits you will have the necessary items and instructions on how you can increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl.  The kits will usually have instructions on the diet and exercises you should do, ovulation tracking material and instructions, and what vitamins and supplements you should take to help conceive a little girl.  They may even suggest that you try sperm sorting to have a little girl.
  • Herbs, supplements, vitamins, and diet—in this program the techniques are often scrutinized.  The reason is that some of the gender selection techniques they suggest seem ridiculous or have not been studied in order to give credibility to the techniques.  Some of the diets will be able to help alter the pH balance of the ovum or vaginal environment which in turn can create a better swimming and living environment for the Y chromosome boy sperm or the X chromosome girl sperm.  Although these techniques and suggestions are not one hundred percent effective they can have some effect on conceiving a girl.
  • Timing and sexual positions—this is most methodical way and is also the cheapest way to give you a better chance to have a little girl.  If you want to have a girl you need to make sure that you are having sexual intercourse a couple of days before you ovulate.  The reason is that the closer to ovulation you have sexual intercourse the more likely you are to having a little boy because of the life span and swimming speed of the Y chromosome boy sperm.  In regards to the different sexual positions if you want to have a girl you should make sure that you are only using shallow penetration because the X chromosome girl sperm will have to travel a farther distance to get to the egg.  The X chromosome girl sperm is hardier than the Y chromosome boy sperm so it can survive longer in the vaginal environment

As you can see there are many different preconception gender techniques to choose from.  One thing to remember is that they may not be completely effective but there are some that have success rates above ninety percent.  Any of these techniques can help you to conceive a little girl.

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