How to Conceive a Boy Advice and Methods

The day you become a mother is the day when you realize that many of the old things are gone and new things are about to happen. It all starts to feel different as you advance in the months of your pregnancy. It is said that in order to have a baby boy or a baby girl you are needed to fulfil certain aspects of the intimate relationship with your partner, but for your help you can also choose to eat some specific vegetables or fruits that will lead to having the baby boy (or girl) you want to conceive.

As a mother who wants a baby boy or who had too many daughters and her hope is to get pregnant with a son, here are a few tips that will allow you to increase the chances of having a boy. Even though there are many experts and medical specialists who say you can’t influence the gender of your baby there are some proofs that will say quite the opposite. You won’t know until you try it! Learn How to Conceive a Boy

The Chinese lunar birth calendar

There are many options to take into account when you want to have a baby boy. These options are linked with the calendar. As you can see, the menstruation cycle influences the dates of your being the most fertile and the same thing goes on here with the Chinese lunar birth calendar.

The theory of this calendar involves the mother and the baby that she wants to conceive together with her mate. It is said that the gender of the child will be determined by the age of the mother, and by the month that she has chosen to conceive.

Many of the babies’ gender predictors are established by the Chinese lunar birth calendar and the rate of success is of 98 percent, even bigger in some of the cases. The point is (as some specialists say) to pay attention to the months that are benefic for giving birth to a baby boy, and the other thing to complete is not to try to have sex at the very beginning and at the very end of the baby boy time frame.

Eat a specific diet

If you really want a boy and you are absolutely sure about this step some of the experts recommend the use of some ailments that will influence the chances of conceiving a boy. The fact is by choosing to eat some regular and basic ailments for a few weeks will change the balance of the PH in your body. By doing so, a perfect environment will be created for a baby boy.

This PH diet will have to contain vegetables like mushrooms, beans, zucchini, sweet corn, as well as plenty of salty foods, bread, fish, eggs, red meats and fruit like raisins. This method is to develop a more alkaline environment instead of an acidic one that is more proper for a girl to bear instead of a boy. A diet like this does not suggest that the acidic foods will be excluded, but to create a proper environment, these foods will allow the increase of nutrients specific in the cases of raising the chances for a baby boy.

Usually the specific nutrients should have the right amount of calcium, potassium, and vitamins such as B12, E and C that will increase the percentage of conceiving a little boy. Breakfast is one of the most important meals, try not to skip over it. Allow your body to be prepared for this task of having a boy, and make sure that you are also ready.

The time frame

Yet another fact that will offer you a clear set up of what you can do to influence what is going on in your body is to use a simple method of calculation. This comes right if you know that the boy sperm defined by the chromosome Y is believed by many specialists to be in the category of a faster swimmer instead the one defined by the X chromosome for the girl, which likes to linger more in the reproductive tract then of the boy sperm.

What do you do in such a case? Well the answer is simple: avoid having sex before ovulation and then you can have intercourse as close as the ovulation period gets in. This will give the boy sperm, the opportunity and the advantage ahead to beat up the girl sperm up to the egg much faster. Also it will allow the boy sperm to have their time and not having to survive for too long waiting for the egg to show up.

This synchronization is perfect also if you take into consideration an ovulation test or the calendar method mentioned earlier or any other method that you can trust in. Choose a method that will allow you to determine your ovulation period.

The position

After you’ve established the plan for your ovulation period and you’ve completely understood the process of the boy sperm, now you can thing about the environment that is benefic for conceiving a boy. For many centuries wife’s tales claimed that certain positions will allow you to carry out a pregnancy that will end with having a baby boy or a baby girl, this depending of the desires and wishes of the couple.

So far it was established that the gender of the baby is determined by the male and the female who are carriers of the X chromosome. The father can be the potential carrier of an X or a Y chromosome that will define the gender of baby, depending on the one that succeeds first to penetrate the egg in an efficient manner.

The positions have their way to reveal some of the concepts thought and utilized by many couples but knowing some anatomic description of the female vagina and how it will influence the gender of your baby. As we spoke earlier a baby boy will have some favourable conditions in an alkaline environment not in an acidic one, which is rather meant for a baby girl.

The entrance in a female vagina is the most acidic, and for a boy to be conceived it is indicated for a deeper penetration closer to the egg. This will allow the boy sperm not to have to travel so far through the acidic vagina and be much closer to the egg. This meaning a deep penetration, and there are plenty of positions that will allow you to fulfil this step.

The coffee tip

It is well known that some aphrodisiacs make their way into the human body making it more virile and boosting it up for the intercourse part. As you all know that the chocolate does wonders here is another tip that might work and that is related to coffee, more exactly to caffeine. This is a rumour that a man who drinks a cup of caffeinated coffee before the act itself will have a boost during the intercourse.

Cough Syrup

Yet another tip to try will be related this time with the mother. The Cough syrup it is said to influence the intercourse and the way of conceiving a boy. A woman who drinks cough syrup before the intercourse (a couple of hours before) will make the cervical mucus be thinner. This will provide more favourable conditions for the sperm leading to the opportunity of conceiving a baby boy. You’ll find it very much useful to try taking a cough syrup that is based on the guaifenesin, used as an expectorant.

Obviously that those tips have been tried and in some cases they worked while in others they didn’t, the important thing is not to let yourself discouraged and be confident that trying won’t make it worse.

The quick thing

Many mothers have said that in order to conceive a baby boy you’ll have to be taken off guard, this involving some unromantic moments and unplanned details about the intercourse. Their testimonies will much likely describe that was all without any music, romantic environment, or even candles.

The intercourse was spontaneous and was without calculating or thinking about the days of the monthly cycle. Apparently this side of the facts will describe a huge change of having a baby boy, this involving no stress at all and some random having fun in an intimate moment.

Pay for it

If you are desperate to have a boy and you know that you can afford it, and you’ve tried all the methods that you could think of, here are some more that will indeed require some money. In vitro fertilization or also known as IVF is one of the options that have been tested for many parents willing to have a baby boy.

The procedure is considered by some to be immoral and unnatural in many ways since it is all about the egg and the sperm meeting outside of your body. This procedure takes place in a laboratory, being a complex medical option with a price tag that has been very high.

Usually the couples that ran out of options will agree with this medical procedure and will go on this path. Indeed some of the physicians will not check the gender of the embryo before having it implanted, so this might be an option or not, and you are the ones to decide whether it is worth trying. You choose, the decision is all yours because it is not a clear guarantee.

Still another route that you could try is the adoption. This will give you many benefits if you are sure that you want to go this way. Adopting a baby boy will give you the opportunity to raise him and then he will be yours, but you have to be really prepared and not regret this decision later.

What do you wear?

Yet another simple tip is related to your mate and what he is wearing. It is said that if you really desire to have a boy if your man is that type of man who wears briefs ask him to wear boxers. The idea of all this is explained in the comments related with the genital organs. For example, there is a rule why the sperm in not deposited inside of his body but outside.

The reason described is because the scrotum holds the entire amount of sperm away from the excessive temperatures that can be found inside of the body. Some voices will claim that the boy sperm (Y chromosome) is not so tolerant to excessive heat than the girl sperm. So, ask your man to wear some boxers that will allow him to give some space there and keep all things cool.

Or, if you really want to take the whole matter further ask him to have a cool bath or if he doesn’t stand for it, you can go with him to swim in a river that has some lower temperatures that will do the trick. Or in some cases a bag of ice cubes applied to the scrotum will be making a difference. But these kinds of of situations when men agree to such a service to produce a boy are rare and can be considered unique, but if you are clever enough the swimming pool when the water is cooler or colder or any other facilities suitable for you two will do the trick.


This decision of having and conceiving a boy should be sustained by both of the people who form the married couple. Their agreement on the whole situation will offer some easy solutions to debate and to overcome that will lead to what they want.

This is the part when your efforts will be fully rewarded and where you will consolidate your relation as a couple in taking decisions. The most important is to never give up, but support each other and have the time of your life even when you’ve decided to have a baby boy. Don’t forget to follow the steps of the described tips that you took into consideration.

Also, be patient with each other as you go down on this path, and make that compromise that makes all things go in the right direction. That way you’ll avoid unsettled conflicts and you will become trustful partners.

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