How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally

Almost every family wants to have at least one boy and one girl but sometimes what they want they do not always get.  In times past when a woman became pregnant it was the “luck of the draw” as to which gender she gave birth too.  The men wanted boys, especially if they had a ranch or farm and needed help with the manual labor.  Back then if a woman gave her husband all girls he would accept it but not happily.  The man of the house figured that girls were supposed to learn “women’s work” and that they were too delicate to work outdoors building fences, roping cattle, etc.  They also wanted a boy to carry on the family name.  With modern technology there are many different ways you can ensure that you will have a boy but they can be time consuming and expensive.  The alternative way in how to conceive a boy is to do it the natural way. In the past it was the women who were responsible for the gender of the baby she was carrying so if she had a girl she was at fault.  Now it is known that it is not the woman who is responsible for the gender of the baby but the man is.  Genetically the mother has XX chromosomes and the father has XY chromosomes.  When a women conceives she is contributing an X chromosome while the man is contributing either an X or Y chromosome.  If he contributes an X chromosome it will be a baby girl but if he contributes a Y chromosome it will be a baby boy.  Since the man is carrying a boy and a girl chromosome it is he who is responsible for the gender of the baby. Find the PDF file Here

Important fact about the male chromosome and sperm

One important factor to know before you try any of these natural ways in how to conceive a boy is that the Y and X chromosome that the man contributes are very different from one another.  The girl sperm, which is the X chromosome, is stronger than the Y chromosome, which is your boy sperm.    If you want to make sure that you are going to have a boy you need to make sure that the Y chromosome boy sperm fertilizes the egg but there is a slight problem.  The Y chromosome boy sperm is a faster swimmer than the X chromosome girl sperm but unfortunately the Y chromosome boy sperm cannot survive in the area of the vagina, which is acidic.  As a result they die quickly before they even have a chance to fertilize the egg.  This is why you see more girls being born than boys.

Ways on how to conceive a boy

Now that you know that one important fact about the male chromosome and sperm do not despair and think all is lost in being able to ensure that you are going to have a boy.  There are different methods that can help you to naturally conceive a boy.

The Shettles Method

This method of choosing the gender of your baby was developed by Dr. Lauren B, Shettles in the 1960’s.  You can use his method to have either a boy or a girl.  Here is how his method works.

  • Time your intercourse—although the Y chromosome boy sperm travels faster it is also very delicate and will die soon after hitting your acidic vagina.  To keep the sperm alive long enough to fertilize the egg you need to make sure that you are having intercourse during the ovulation period.  During this time period your vagina is not acidic and the Y chromosome boy sperm will have a better chance to reach the egg and hopefully the sperm will fertilize the egg, resulting in a boy.  If you are not sure when you ovulate talk to your gynecologist and ask them how you can know when you are ovulating.  Your physician may have you keep a chart for a couple of months or so tracking your period.  You can also purchase an Ovulation Predictor Kit that will give you a definitive no or yes answer as to whether you are ovulating or not.  You can also use a saliva predictor to determine when you are ovulating.  On the day that you are ovulating you must have sex that day, not one to two days before or after.  The reason is that if you do it before or after ovulation the Y chromosome boy sperm will probably die before you release an egg to be fertilized.  The man should also abstain from sex for one to two days before the date of your ovulation so when you do have sex he will have a lot more Y chromosome boy sperm, increasing your chances of becoming pregnant with a boy.
  • Sexual position—one thing that the man needs to know is that the area near the opening of your uterus is acidic so to help ensure the Y chromosome boy sperm’s survival penetration must be as deep as you can get.  This deeper penetration will also help to ensure that your Y chromosome boy sperm reaches the egg faster and hopefully by-pass the acidic part of your uterus.  There are many different sexual positions that a couple can do to allow deeper penetration increasing your odds of having a boy.  One sexual position that is recommended by Dr. Shettles is the rear-entry position as it is a position that is more promising in conceiving a boy.  You can also put a pillow under your hips or placing your legs on your man’s shoulders are two other ways that you can have sexual intercourse and deeper penetration.
  • Orgasms—when a woman has an orgasm it leads to alkaline secretion, which makes the conditions more favorable for the Y chromosome boy sperm to survive and reach the egg.  Dr. Shettles recommends that a woman must have an orgasm before the man has his.

Diet to conceive a boy

Having the right diet is also another way in how to conceive a boy.  Since you are already aware that your acidic vagina is usually deadly to the Y chromosome boy sperm it is very important that you keep an eye on the pH level of your vagina. You need to make sure that you are eating the right foods that will help you maintain the pH level.  You should make sure that you eat red meat, apples, salty food, fish, and bananas.  When you are ovulating you should make sure that you consume some caffeine to help increase your chances of having a boy.  You should make sure that while you are trying to get pregnant with a boy that you are avoiding foods that are rich in calcium such as cheese or milk and any other dairy products.  In addition to making sure that you are eating the right foods to help keep pH levels low you can also purchase vaginal pH testing strips to test your pH levels.  You can also use special douches to help lower your pH acidic level. Your diet should include goods like cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, watermelons, cabbage, and lemons.  These are the foods that will help make your cervical fluid’s pH level not as acidic.  You should also make sure that you are taking in the right nutrients or supplements like vitamin C, vitamins B12, vitamin E, calcium, and vitamin D.  According to research that has been done it showed that women who want to conceive a boy should have an extra three hundred milligrams of potassium in their diet.  Foods that are rich in potassium include bananas, apples, potatoes, almonds, strawberries, asparagus, steak, and artichoke. Although it might sound strange it is recommended that when you are trying to conceive a boy that you eat a lot of calories.  You still want to maintain a healthy diet.  You should also use a generous amount of sodium in your diet.  There have been studies done that show that if you increase the sodium, salt, around the time of conception does influence your chances of conceiving a boy.  Foods that are both rich in both sodium and potassium are milk, apricots, Raisins, nuts, and figs.  On these dietary changes both parents should follow these changes to help ensure you having a boy.

Men’s Underwear

Another fact that you should take into consideration when you are finding natural ways in how to conceive a boy is the type of underwear your man is wearing.   With the Y chromosome boy sperm being so delicate you should know that high temperatures will adversely affect that chromosome.  Make sure that your man is not wearing underwear that is not tight and does not fit snug against their body.  You want to make sure that he is wearing underwear that is not tight but instead it should be loose and wide so the air can get to that area.

The Whelan method

This method was first introduced by Elizabeth Whelan and involves you monitoring closely your ovulation calendar.  According to her method the time of sexual course to ensure having a boy should be based on the woman’s basal temperature.  How to conceive a boy using Ms. Whelan’s method you should have sexual intercourse within six days before your basal temperature began to rise. When you try these natural methods in how to conceive a boy do not be disappointed if you do not get pregnant the first time you try any of these methods.  It may take a couple of months before you can get the exact time of ovulation.  Even if you are having sexual intercourse at specific times in order to try to have a boy make the encounter fun and exciting, not a chore that you have to do at a specific time if you want to have a boy.

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