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How to Conceive a Boy Advice and Methods

The day you become a mother is the day when you realize that many of the old things are gone and new things are about to happen. It all starts to feel different as you advance in the months of your pregnancy. It is said that in order to have a baby boy or a baby girl you are needed to fulfil certain aspects of the intimate relationship with your partner, but for your help you can also choose to eat some specific vegetables or fruits that will lead to having the baby boy (or girl) you want to conceive.

As a mother who wants a baby boy or who had too many daughters and her hope is to get pregnant with a son, here are a few tips that will allow you to increase the chances of having a boy. Even though there are many experts and medical specialists who say you can’t influence the gender of your baby there are some proofs that will say quite the opposite. You won’t know until you try it! Learn How to Conceive a Boy

The Chinese lunar birth calendar

There are many options to take into account when you want to have a baby boy. These options are linked with the calendar. As you can see, the menstruation cycle influences the dates of your being the most fertile and the same thing goes on here with the Chinese lunar birth calendar.

The theory of this calendar involves the mother and the baby that she wants to conceive together with her mate. It is said that the gender of the child will be determined by the age of the mother, and by the month that she has chosen to conceive.

Many of the babies’ gender predictors are established by the Chinese lunar birth calendar and the rate of success is of 98 percent, even bigger in some of the cases. The point is (as some specialists say) to pay attention to the months that are benefic for giving birth to a baby boy, and the other thing to complete is not to try to have sex at the very beginning and at the very end of the baby boy time frame.

Eat a specific diet

If you really want a boy and you are absolutely sure about this step some of the experts recommend the use of some ailments that will influence the chances of conceiving a boy. The fact is by choosing to eat some regular and basic ailments for a few weeks will change the balance of the PH in your body. By doing so, a perfect environment will be created for a baby boy.

This PH diet will have to contain vegetables like mushrooms, beans, zucchini, sweet corn, as well as plenty of salty foods, bread, fish, eggs, red meats and fruit like raisins. This method is to develop a more alkaline environment instead of an acidic one that is more proper for a girl to bear instead of a boy. A diet like this does not suggest that the acidic foods will be excluded, but to create a proper environment, these foods will allow the increase of nutrients specific in the cases of raising the chances for a baby boy. More

How to get Pregnant With a Boy and not a Girl

how to have a boyWomen who lived in the early 1800’s would have loved to know the answer to that riddle, especially if all they were having were girls. During the early 1800’s it was vital that a woman produce at least one male offspring to carry on the family name and to help the father out on the ranch or farm.

Today with all the research that has been done there is an answer to that riddle. How to get pregnant with a boy is very simple. You can use artificial means or natural means to get pregnant with a boy. In this article you will find the answer to the riddle, “How to get pregnant with a boy.”

Points to remember when trying to have a boy

One important fact to remember is that a woman has two X chromosomes and the man has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome so when it comes to picking which gender she wants it will not be up to her but up to the man since he has a boy and a girl chromosome. Although the Y chromosome baby boy sperm is faster than the X chromosome girl sperm, the boy sperm is much more delicate. You must time your sexual intercourse to happen on the day you ovulate and the environment is not acidic. For a few days before the woman ovulates there should not be any sexual intercourse so the man will have many active Y chromosome boy sperm.

How to get pregnant with a boy using a particular diet

Yes, based on strong scientific principles your diet does play a role in helping a couple choose a boy or girl   In addition to the diet being healthy and good for you there are certain foods that you need to be eating in order to have a better chance of getting pregnant with a boy. One thing that is important to know in order to become pregnant with either a boy or a girl, is that the pH level in the woman’s body plays a major role in determining whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Because the Y chromosome boy sperm is weaker and is not able to survive in an area where the pH level is low you need to start eating a lot of alkaline foods. Some of these foods include pasta, fish, chocolates, meat, vegetables, and caffeine. Although some of these food items may be high in calories they are also highly alkaline. To help prevent weight gain you should exercise and eat these foods in moderation. Here You Have a HOW TO Guide

You should also include in the diet foods that are high in potassium and sodium but make sure that you avoid foods and drinks that are high in calcium and magnesium. On the day of ovulation you should make sure that you eat a lot of good food that are alkaline. When you are eating foods to make sure the environment is more alkaline you need to make sure that you are keeping your pH level balanced evenly. When this happens it makes the chances of getting pregnant with a boy a lot better. One food that is high in potassium is bananas so try to eat at least one a day but they are low in sodium. You can also eat figs, baked potatoes with the skin on, raisins, nuts, and All Bran cereal will give you the levels of sodium and potassium you need to help get pregnant with a boy. You can also purchase vaginal strips that you can use to test your pH level. More

How to Have a Boy by Eating Certain Foods and Other Natural Methods

how to conceive a boyAlthough there has not been any scientific research done people say that eating certain foods is how to have a boy. Granted these foods can make your body friendlier to the Y chromosome boy sperm but there are no written guarantees that you will conceive a baby boy. The Y chromosome boy sperm is faster but it is also more delicate so this is why you need to make your body friendlier to the boy sperm so it has a better chance of reaching the egg before the X chromosome girl sperm, which is hardier and slower, does. Read Here How to be 94% sure that you will have conceive a BOY

How to have a boy eating these foods

  • Eating pumpkin seeds—although pumpkin seeds are not really a remedy to any fertility issues that could keep you from having a baby they are a good choice for a snack for both the woman and the man to help increase their chances of having a boy. Pumpkin seeds are also rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 and zinc, which are essential for your cardiovascular system functioning normally. Because your blood is flowing better through your body the better your reproduction system will work because the sexual organs are receiving more oxygen and nutrients. In men who eat pumpkin seeds it will lead to a healthier production of their sperm. In women, eating pumpkin seeds, it will make an internal environment that is friendlier to the Y chromosome boy sperm. Another point to consider is that zinc is considered the best mineral for conceiving a baby boy. Flaxseed and almonds also have the same nutritional value as pumpkin seeds so add these to your menu to give you a variety of seeds and nuts to eat.
  • Asparagus—this is one of the best vegetable choices to eat to help you conceive a boy. Asparagus is also rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins such as vitamins D, B-12, and C along with potassium. All of these minerals and vitamins are friendlier to the male sperm. According to research that has been done, if you have three hundred milligrams of potassium a day it can boost your chance of having a boy. You can get the necessary amount of potassium from foods that you eat, supplements, or a combination of both.       If you do not care for asparagus you could eat potatoes, strawberries, almonds, apples, steak, or bananas to get basically the same minerals and vitamins as you do from asparagus.
  • Salty foods—to maintain a healthy body and weight you should make sure that you are consuming salt in moderation but foods that are rich in sodium (salt) is a very good choice to eat to give you a better chance of conceiving a boy. The reason is that this mineral is also known to favor the survival of the Y chromosome boy sperm.
  • Eat enriched breakfast cereal—according to statistics if a woman eats enriched cereals in the morning she is more likely to conceive a baby boy. The reason is that these cereals are rich in nutrients and high calories and Y chromosomes boy sperm survives better in an environment that is not only alkaline but also is better nourished.
  • Eat more mushrooms—mushrooms will give your body a high amount of vitamins D and B, selenium, and potassium. All of these micronutrients are important for the traveling and survival of the Y chromosome boy sperm as it makes it way toward the egg. By eating mushrooms you will not gain weight because it is poor in calories.
  • Eat more pickles—pickles are often associated with pregnancy cravings and it was thought that a woman who has a pickle craving will have a baby boy.       There is some truth because pickles are high in sodium content. It is a known fact that when you eat salty foods, like pickles, that you will have a better chance of conceiving a boy. When you add a few servings of pickles to your meals every week you can change the composition of your bodily fluids slightly which will make it easier for the Y chromosome boy sperm to reach the egg and fertilize it.
  • Eat apples—eating apples is a healthy alternative to eating junk food when you are hungry. They are low in calories but rich in nutrients. If you eat one hundred grams of apple it will give you one hundred fifty-nine milligrams of potassium, seventy-three UI of vitamin A, and eight milligrams of vitamin C. All three of these nutrients are known to favor the conceiving of a boy.       To increase your chances of having a boy you should eat the apples fresh without peeling the skin off.
  • Eat citrus fruits—although this fruit sounds as if would give you an acidic environment that was more favorable to an X chromosome girl sperm this is not true, Citrus fruits are one of the best sources of vitamin C naturally.       The reason that these types of fruit do not make the environment acidic is that fruits that contain vitamin C are very alkaline to your body. An environment that is alkaline is the best environment for Y chromosomes boy sperm. Citrus fruits can include limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits, etc. You can either drink the juice, eat the fruit, or a combination of both. You should make the juices yourself at home because the commercially made ones could alter your internal environment’s pH and make it more favorable towards the X chromosome girl sperm.
  • Eat watermelon—when you want to get pregnant with a boy you want the internal environment to be alkaline and watermelon is one of best fruits to achieve this environment. They also provide a lot of minerals and vitamins. When eating watermelons make sure that you do not eat them too cold because this will decrease the chance of you having a boy.


How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally

Almost every family wants to have at least one boy and one girl but sometimes what they want they do not always get.  In times past when a woman became pregnant it was the “luck of the draw” as to which gender she gave birth too.  The men wanted boys, especially if they had a ranch or farm and needed help with the manual labor.  Back then if a woman gave her husband all girls he would accept it but not happily.  The man of the house figured that girls were supposed to learn “women’s work” and that they were too delicate to work outdoors building fences, roping cattle, etc.  They also wanted a boy to carry on the family name.  With modern technology there are many different ways you can ensure that you will have a boy but they can be time consuming and expensive.  The alternative way in how to conceive a boy is to do it the natural way. In the past it was the women who were responsible for the gender of the baby she was carrying so if she had a girl she was at fault.  Now it is known that it is not the woman who is responsible for the gender of the baby but the man is.  Genetically the mother has XX chromosomes and the father has XY chromosomes.  When a women conceives she is contributing an X chromosome while the man is contributing either an X or Y chromosome.  If he contributes an X chromosome it will be a baby girl but if he contributes a Y chromosome it will be a baby boy.  Since the man is carrying a boy and a girl chromosome it is he who is responsible for the gender of the baby. Find the PDF file Here

Important fact about the male chromosome and sperm

One important factor to know before you try any of these natural ways in how to conceive a boy is that the Y and X chromosome that the man contributes are very different from one another.  The girl sperm, which is the X chromosome, is stronger than the Y chromosome, which is your boy sperm.    If you want to make sure that you are going to have a boy you need to make sure that the Y chromosome boy sperm fertilizes the egg but there is a slight problem.  The Y chromosome boy sperm is a faster swimmer than the X chromosome girl sperm but unfortunately the Y chromosome boy sperm cannot survive in the area of the vagina, which is acidic.  As a result they die quickly before they even have a chance to fertilize the egg.  This is why you see more girls being born than boys. More

How to Conceive a Girl With These Methods?

Because of research and modern technology a couple no longer has to “accept” what God sends them when the woman becomes pregnant.  Today there are different methods that can help you have the gender you want, whether it is a boy or a girl.  There are some who are against these methods and feel that when you use them to get the gender you want that you are playing God.  What these people do not think of is that in times past there were people who used what we call “old wives tales” today to try and have a child of a certain gender, mainly little boys because they were important to carry on the family name and they could help out on the farm.  Today that is no longer true and it is about even as to which gender a family wants.  If you are a couple who wants to have a little girl you can try these methods to increase your chances of getting what you desire.

How to conceive a girl using preconception gender selection

Some of these are also referred to as artificial methods because they usually involve removing the sperm, separating it, and then planting the X chromosome girl sperm into the womb of the woman.  With these methods if it does not take the first time you will have to undergo the procedure again, which can be expensive as you have to pay for each procedure.  These preconception gender selection methods are broke down into three groups. Source:

How to get pregnant with a girl using medical gender selection

These techniques are the most effective ones to help you conceive a girl but they are also the most expensive techniques which could run into thousands of dollars, depending on how many times you had to have these procedures done before you become pregnant.  There is no guarantee that you will get pregnant with the first procedure. Using medical preconception techniques you are having your children created in a laboratory and then being implanted into the mother’s womb. More