Getting Pregnant With a Boy Easily

To conceive a boy, you don’t need higher education or a lot of science. As long as you know some basic principles and you apply them, it can happen easily. While it is not always guaranteed and it can’t be told to be 100% accurate for any family, in most cases it will happen just as it is described here. Before other things I am going to present, I am going to tell you how the power of will and belief works here. If you have a strong desire to conceive a boy, yet don’t believe it entirely, it might just not work. It is proven that many people, if they have certain fears – they will face those exact fears soon enough. So, in order to avoid any such event, try not to fear having a girl instead. After all, if you’ll have a baby girl, it’s not a tragedy and not the end of your happiness. Then, will needs to come from both parents, the same as believing that they can do it together. If the mother believes she can conceive the boy but the father is thinking about having a baby girl, the chromosomes and the genetics can work out a girl instead! The reverse can also happen, but it’s a 50-50 or 30-70. In other words, if you don’t have the same thoughts deep inside, it won’t work well. Getting Pregnant With a Baby Boy Guide

Here are some ideas, tips, tricks (however you prefer to call them) that should be able to help you in conceiving your baby boy. Just use them and you won’t be disappointed in the end!

Changing the Diet For a Man’s Diet

This is the entire menu, like you can eat the things a man eats. Women tend to eat things that would rather make an acidic environment on the inside, which would completely turn into the favor of conceiving a baby girl. If you choose men’s food and daily menus (meals), you might just eliminate the acidity and then have a well-prepared environment for the boy to come. Learn How to have 94% of Success in Conceiving a Boy

Something unexpected …

You might not expect this, but it’s true for many mothers who have tried other methods unsuccessfully. The good old cough syrup stops you from coughing but also opens your doors towards having a boy. How can this happen? It all has to do with the mucus membranes, which will thicken in time due to cough syrup and that makes it so much easier for boy sperm to reach the target. I repeat: this worked in so many cases that you couldn’t even count them!

A Bit of Extra Energy for Your Husband

Yes, men, you can now man up and have some dose of energy. What on earth am I talking about? Yes, you guessed it: it’s called coffee. Drink a cup of coffee just before you are about to have sex and want to conceive the boy. For some interesting or probably unknown reasons, this also works for many couples. What is assumed is that due to the dose of energy the man feels more like a man, has extra energy, and will be manlier when having sex, so it’s almost natural that the pregnancy will result in having a boy.

Not any position works, you need to change!

I know that the classic missionary position is adored by almost every couple. I don’t say that people don’t use and don’t try other positions, but that is definitely one of the positions to help couples feel more intimate, to feel safer and to live the romance of the moments. However, when you are up to conceiving your future son, it’s not good at all. You need a sexual position in which the penetration is a lot deeper than in missionary. Which are those positions? I’ll let you guess … there are quite a few!

Don’t Miss the Ovulation

While you might be thinking like “hey, are you serious?”, this is necessary. Out of a too strong desire or out of neglecting or rushing to the moment, many couples seem to forget it’s not the right time and then they wonder why the baby boy isn’t on his way. With today’s technology, it’s so easy to keep track of it and know the time. So you can make sure you do that!

Your Husband Will Like This One …

Orgasms are fabulous, they are great, especially when it comes to conceiving boys. You see, an orgasm (not a fake one) stimulates hormonal reactions which quickly create an alkaline environment. Obviously, that is exactly what the boy sperm needs to reach to the egg, so you can be happy about that. Not to mention that you will both enjoy it to the maximum and it will be the most amazing memory (or one of the most amazing) in your lives as a married couple. I repeat – faking it will not do the trick. You will need a real orgasm! Just as a second tip, still about orgasms. Many women claim they can’t have one. What? Are you ladies serious? Just because you better like having your girlfriends at a coffee and complaining like “oh, you know, Josh can’t make me have one”, you can’t tell your Josh that he’d need to have sex with you in another position or in another rhythm – you just don’t communicate. Secondly, in order to really have an orgasm, you need to be relaxed, not disconnected (because women can think about 10 or 20 things at the same time, while having sex) and then have a strong desire for it. So, yes, it’s possible in just about any marriage, even if none of you folks is an expert in sexual stuff.

Make it all Very Close to the Ovulation

You don’t have much time to waste or much time to think about it. Having sex in order to conceive your baby boy will need to happen extra-close to your ovulation. This is the only real way boy sperm can actually fertilize your egg, so – hurry up!

Your Husband Can Use Boxers

While for many men it’s normal to wear boxers, other men aren’t big fans of wearing them. However, these things aren’t about feeling “okay” or “comfortable”. If you choose to feel nice and sweet, just the way you like, you might as well conceive 3-4-5 girls in a row and have no idea why no boy is ever coming. The thing is that with boxers, the male genitals aren’t in heat that much. This is the point, because heat favors girl sperm, while temperatures a bit lower would favor boy sperm. So you need to choose what you want to accept – the chance of not having a boy, or the chance that it might just happen easier than you assumed!

Quarter Moon Tales

While some people might actually laugh or not believe anything about this, in the past and in the present couples keep claiming that it works. So, according to public opinion, it’s not a stupid thing. All you need to do is:

  • Learn when the quarter moon is. Of course, the ovulation rules still apply during the period, so you need a 2-in-1.
  • Have sex during the quarter moon.

It’s simple enough, as far as I think. Agree?

Make Sure Your Husband Has the Right Attitude

Something might be a bit shocking, but it’s like the reality you need to accept whether you agree or disagree. Men are the sperm-givers, so it’s always the man who would determine that the baby is a boy or a girl. I don’t say that the mother’s wishes, thoughts, beliefs don’t matter. Yes, they definitely matter. Still, it’s on the man. What you can’t do and what you shouldn’t do is to convince your husband to desire something he actually doesn’t even want. I mean, be serious: how would you feel if your husband forced you to do something just because he wants it while you are utterly disgusted or have other wishes? So, beware of your attitude too. However, I assume that while you are reading this article, you are already in a mutual agreement with your husband and you’ve decided that it’s a boy that you want to have next.

Watch your Husband’s Side of the Family

Genetics play interesting games, funny but at the same time shocking. If you know that your husband has a lot of sisters – it’s either a maximal chance for you to give birth to a lot of boys, or a maximal chance to have only girls. However, if you look at your husband’s uncles, grandfathers and the children they had and you notice that they were either all girls or almost all girls, then you can know that your chances for having a boy are not as big. Still, you can hope and try, the “worst” that can happen is that you will have a girl! These things aren’t because your husband wanted them. It’s pure genetics, and it works as such.


As indicated above, there is no rule or certain way to conceiving boys. These are helpers, ideas, tips and tricks which might get you closer to your goal or might as equally worth nothing. So, when trying anything, don’t blame it on “I missed something” or “it was a bad article”. No, actually none of those is true. It’s only because things work differently for different people, and genetics also influence the outcome of situations. So, you need to understand and to accept how these things actually work in your life, as well as in everybody else’s lives.

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