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Understanding the X and Y Chromosomes in Conceiving a Boy

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If your clock is ticking, and you truly decided to try for another baby or this is your prime time here are some hints that you could try. If your dream is to have a baby boy, then welcome to the club of many eager mothers with the same desires as yours. A useful advice is never to give up on your dreams and never surrender to the circumstances because miracles can surely happen.

Still I have to advise you that there are some skeptics. These people claim that these methods that you are about to find out and that have been like the guiding book for mothers who intend to have baby boy don’t actually work. So camps are divided between believers and unbelievers of these so called wife tales. Download “Having a Baby Boy” PDF Guide

Chinese tradition calendar

Between classic and modern this guide of unwritten laws has its fun ups and downs. Let’s take you back to ancient China where a so-called mystical calendar is written, and it has been told to do some very good work in that compartment of conceiving babies.

The well-known calendar that predicts the gender has its role. According to this ancient calendar, the baby’s gender is determined by the mother’s age and also by the month in which the baby is born. By using the lunar calendar of the Chinese tradition will help you find the month that is meant to help you have a baby boy. More

Getting Pregnant With a Boy Easily

To conceive a boy, you don’t need higher education or a lot of science. As long as you know some basic principles and you apply them, it can happen easily. While it is not always guaranteed and it can’t be told to be 100% accurate for any family, in most cases it will happen just as it is described here. Before other things I am going to present, I am going to tell you how the power of will and belief works here. If you have a strong desire to conceive a boy, yet don’t believe it entirely, it might just not work. It is proven that many people, if they have certain fears – they will face those exact fears soon enough. So, in order to avoid any such event, try not to fear having a girl instead. After all, if you’ll have a baby girl, it’s not a tragedy and not the end of your happiness. Then, will needs to come from both parents, the same as believing that they can do it together. If the mother believes she can conceive the boy but the father is thinking about having a baby girl, the chromosomes and the genetics can work out a girl instead! The reverse can also happen, but it’s a 50-50 or 30-70. In other words, if you don’t have the same thoughts deep inside, it won’t work well. Getting Pregnant With a Baby Boy Guide

Here are some ideas, tips, tricks (however you prefer to call them) that should be able to help you in conceiving your baby boy. Just use them and you won’t be disappointed in the end!

Changing the Diet For a Man’s Diet

This is the entire menu, like you can eat the things a man eats. Women tend to eat things that would rather make an acidic environment on the inside, which would completely turn into the favor of conceiving a baby girl. If you choose men’s food and daily menus (meals), you might just eliminate the acidity and then have a well-prepared environment for the boy to come. Learn How to have 94% of Success in Conceiving a Boy

Something unexpected …

You might not expect this, but it’s true for many mothers who have tried other methods unsuccessfully. The good old cough syrup stops you from coughing but also opens your doors towards having a boy. How can this happen? It all has to do with the mucus membranes, which will thicken in time due to cough syrup and that makes it so much easier for boy sperm to reach the target. I repeat: this worked in so many cases that you couldn’t even count them! More

Tips on Conceiving a Boy Using Natural and Artificial Methods

There are hundreds of tips on conceiving a boy telling you what you should eat, sexual positions you should use, what time of the day, etc that will help you conceive a boy.  Just remember that what works for one person may not work with you.  One thing that everyone should know before putting these tips to use is when they ovulate.  This means when an egg is released and is ready to be fertilized.  This is very important to know especially when you are trying to conceive a boy.  The Y chromosome boy sperm is delicate and you need to make sure that you and your partner are having sexual intercourse on that day if at all possible.  There is a window which is no later than twelve hours after you ovulate or no earlier than twenty-four hours before you ovulate.

When you are trying to figure out your ovulation date you should keep a chart for at least three months so you will have an idea of when you will ovulate.  To make it easier you can purchase ovulation prediction kits that test your urine or saliva.  The kits that use your saliva to help you figure out your ovulation date are the ones that are more accurate and easier to use.  With the one that test your urine it has to be used with the first urine of the day but the saliva kit you can test your salvia at any time during the day.  Once you have figured out what your ovulation date is it is now time to put into action some of the tips on conceiving a boy that you have been collecting but before you do remember that these tips do not guarantee you will have a boy but will help tip the scales in your favorite for conceiving a baby boy. Visit this LINK to Learn How

Tips on conceiving a boy eating certain foods

  • Eat more red meat.  The redder it is the better chance you have of conceiving a boy because it is rich in nutrients that will help with fertility.  Red meat will also help increase sperm production.  It is also rich in proteins which will help boost your chances of conceiving a baby boy.  Although it can help enhance your chances of conceiving a boy you need to eat it in moderation.  If you eat a large amount of red meat it could tip the scales toward having a girl instead by enhancing the acidity of her vaginal environment and reproductive tract.  When eating red meat, the salty red meat is better because it will increase your odds of having a boy.  You should add red meat to the menu around your ovulation date because it increases your chance of conceiving a baby boy.  You should also increase your intake of foods that are rich in protein.
  • Stick with salty snacks like chips and pretzels More